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When people tell me that their Internet is slow I know from experience that may not be what they mean.  There are a couple of things to consider when your Internet is slow.

The first is the actual Internet connection.  Web pages get bigger every year.  If you have had the same Internet service for a decade without any changes then yes, it is time to reevaluate your service.  A newer modem can imrpove speeds (you should replace this about every 3 or 4 years along with every surge supressor you own).  And you may need to get faster service as well.  I just increased my service speed.  I nearly doubled it, but the price STILL dropped considerably because it had been so long since I had checked what was available.

The second is the speed of your computer.  While those web pages are getting bigger so is every major piece of software on your computer.  Windows gets bigger with every update.  So does your browser.  Your computer always stays exactly the same speed, so when programs and web pages get bigger they take longer because there is more to process.  When web pages get bigger it means your computer has to do more processing once the data comes through, which will take more time.  Not only that, your computer also has to do all the extra processing involved with the newer versions of Firefox or Chrome.

To test the speed of your actual Internet you can do a search for "internet speed test".  Any of them will give you an idea of your actual Internet speed.  What is a "good" speed changes so rapidly that what I say today may not hold true tomorrow.  The absolute minimum I would like to see (currently as of 07/10/2018) is 5Mbps download.  Your upload speed will vary wildly by ISP and is less important for the most part.  Twice that download speed minimum would be better if you want to stream video.