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Wireless is a rather generic term for a type of network connection.  People often confuse wireless with Wifi.  Wifi is a wireless connection, but wireless isn't necessarily Wifi.  What's more, a Wifi connection is not the same as an Internet connection.

When talking about Internet connections there are two general types of wireless connectins we may be talking about.  The first and less common type uses ground-based antennas to provide an Internet connection.  An antenna is placed on the roof and pointed to a nearby antenna (it has a range of a few miles) to establish a connection to the Internet.  There must be a clear line of sight between the two antennas, though they may be far enough apart that you cannot actually see one from the other.  There can also not be any trees in the way.  This type of wireless connection often uses the same technology as Wifi, even sharing the same frequency ranges.  The difference is that the connecting antenna is directional and the antenna it is connecting to is much more powerful.  This type of Internet connection is usually reasonably priced and often has no "upload cap", which means that the speed of communications going "out" from your computer is as fast as the download speeds, which is unusal for an Internet connection.  Unless you're uploading a lot, though, this usually doesn't do much for you.

The second type of Internet connection which uses the word "wireless" is the more common type which uses cell phone towers.  When you hear people talking about "wireless data" or "mobile data", this is what they are talking about.  Modern cell phones use this type of connection for their data for things like downloading updates, surfing the web and checking emails.  This type of connection is also commonly found in tablets and there are even devices which can connect to a PC or connect wirelessly to a laptop to provide an Internet connection for a computer.  This type of Internet connection is generally a bit pricey for the speeds and all plans have some sort of data cap.  Some will charge you if you go over, some will slow down your connection and some will prioritize other traffic over yours, slowing your connect, but only when their networks are busy.

This type of connection does tend to be cheaper than satellite connections, or at least was the last time I knew.  It is also usually considerably slower than a satellite connection, though without the extreme latency of a satellite connection.  Actual speeds of a 4G LTE network vary greatly by service provider, area and signal strength.  This may or may not offer a decent solution for Internet.  It is not something I have looked into seriously.