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There are many types of scams initiated by someone calling you and there is another, more general section on this subject.  This section is specifically about computer-related phone scams and, fortunately, this type of scam is pretty easy to spot.

If ANYBODY calls you about a "problem" with your computer, network or connected devices, it is a scam.  It's just that simple.  EVERY call about problems with your computer or related equipment is a scam.

These people will make official sounding claims and say scary things.  The only thing you need to keep in mind is that scammers lie.  They are not from Microsoft, even though they said they were.  They did not detect a virus, even though they said they did.  Whatever dire consequences they warned you about are completely made up.  And there is no problem in the world that only one person anywhere can fix, so when they told you that your computer guy can't fix this "problem", they were lying.  ANY computer tech can fix ANY computer problem so long as you are willing to throw enough money at the problem.  I don't know a thing about fixing cars, but if you bring me your car and enough money I guarantee you I'll find a way to get it fixed.  I may buy you a completely new car to replace it, but throw enough money my way and I CAN fix your getting someone else to fix your car.

This one is a particularly annoying problem for me because these people are really good at scaring customers and making them doubt that feeling that there is something wrong with the call.  People often call me and ask specific questions about multiple aspects of the call because they are so rattled by it.  There is really only one thing you need to remember: EVERYTHING they told you was a lie.  You don't need to ask about each specific claim they made.  EVERY claim they made was a lie.  They lied about who they were, they lied about detecting something, they lied about the consequences, they lied about the problem, they lied about the urgency...EVERYTHING THEY SAID IS A LIE!  Just hang up.  They may call back one time.  Hang up again.  They won't call back again until your number comes up on their random dialer again.