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To select items is to highlight a group of items to perform some task on them such as move or delete them.  There are several ways to select multiple items.  Note that this tutorial assumes that your computer is set to require double clicking items to open them.  If your computer is set to open things with a single click than any of the instructions below which require a "click" instead require you to hover the mouse cursor above the item for a moment while performing the other tasks, such as holding down the Shift or CTRL key.

The first way is to draw a box around them with the mouse cursor.  To do this you place the cursor in a blank space near the items you wish to select, hold down the left mouse button and "drag" the cursor to the opposite corner with the items you wish to select inside the "box" it makes.  When the box is around all of the items you want selected simply let up the left mouse button and they will be selected.

That is great if they are all together in a square, but that is rarely the case.  If they are all in a row or column then you click the first item in the row or column, hold down either Shift key on the keyboard, then click the list item in the row or column.  This will select the first item, the last item and all the items in between those two.

Often this is close to what you want, but you may need to add or remove single items from that list.  To do that, once you have some items selected simply hold down the CTRL key while you click on any item.  If the item was not selected it will become selected.  If it was selected it will become unselected.  Just keep doing this until you have all of the items you want selected.