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To have "focus" means that the program or window is the one which currently accepts input.  Let us say that you have both Word and Notepad open at the same time.  When you start typing the text goes into one of them.  Whichever one the text goes into is the one which has "focus".  It is the currently selected program.

Objects within a program or window also have focus.  If you hit the Tab key while reading this page you will note that there is a little rectangle drawn around one of the buttons above.  As you hit the tab key that rectangle moves to different parts of the screen.  Your browser, the program you are using to view this web page, currently has "focus", but also whatever button has the rectangle around it has focus within this program.  If you hit the Enter key then whichever button had the rectangle drawn around it will be pressed and you will be taken to that page.

We don't normally think about focus, but it is often important to know what has focus.  And, in fact, we are usually subconsciously aware which program has focus.  It's likely the one we're currently interracting with.