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An important part of the computing world is the "reboot" or "restart".  The longer a computer is on the more "junk" gets built up in the computer's memory.  To fix this all you have to do is reboot the computer.  Simply put, rebooting the computer is nothing more than turning it completely off (not sleep or hibernate) and turning it back on.  This clears out the temporary memory and loads the operating system fresh.

You may be surprised how many problems a simple reboot can fix.  It is not uncommon for me to go on site to look at a computer only to find that the computer has been on for days, weeks, even months and the only thing I have to do to fix it is to turn it off and back on again.  No program is perfect and they can sometimes not close properly.  Even if it looks as if the program has closed, it may still be running invisibly.  The easiest way to make the program close is to shut down the computer, which automatically closes all programs.

To reboot your computer is simple.  You simply click on the Start menu and choose "Reboot" from the shut down menu.  Your computer will automatically turn off and turn back on, giving you a "clean boot" of Windows.