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The start button is the button usually found on the lower left corner of the screen on the far left of the taskbar (assuming the taskbar is on the bottom edge of the screen).  In Windows XP it actually has the word "Start" on it.  In Windows Vista and Windows 7 it's a round button with the Windows logo on it.

Everyone knows what the start button does as it's one of the most used Windows components, so we won't get into its functionality, just defining what it's called.  Let's have a look at our previous example again.


The start button is right there in the bottom left with the Windows logo (the little four colored flag) and the word "Start" on it.  Here is a picture of just the start button.

Start button

Remember, it looks different if you're not using Windows XP.  In Windows 7 it looks like this.

Start button - Windows 7

And in Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 it looks like this.