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CashDrawer is a small program for counting out cash drawers at the end of the business day.  Rather than keep a running total in your head or writing the number of each bill and coin on a piece of paper you simply fill in the form in the application and it keeps a running total for you.  When you get done with the pennies there are even two custom inputs where you can add custom amounts that most people don't normally deal with, such as $2 bills.  The very first entry on the form is a starting amount where you can just put a total amount to start with, such as with rolled coins, so you don't have to add them into the total numbers.  This program is free.

The current version of the program is version released October 24, 2018.

Version 2.0.0 is a pretty major rewrite of the existing code and the look and feel of the program has changed significantly, making it much clearer what is going on with all of the sections, fields and calculcations.  I also updated the code to run calculations every time any field is changed instead of just at certain fields.  The "Actions" section where you choose how you will deal with a discrepency between the drawer and records has been completely reworked and an "Undo" feature has been added.  I have doubled the number of fields in the section to recored deposits and withdraws made to records dated after the date of the drawer reconcilliation as well as added code to cause the program to skip any remaining fields in either half of that section after a zero amount is entered into a box so that you don't have to enter through each box even if you aren't entering data.  Overall this version is far more legible, far clearer about what it's doing and is far easier to use.  Since this version is such a significant rewrite I have put each change through rather significant testing as I was making the changes as well as running a "test scenario" to make sure everything worked out as expected with math I had already done manually.  I am reasonably confident this version is reasonably free of bugs and am certain that it is less buggy than the previous version.

There are many other minor improvement such as simply clearing out the "Cash in records" box to make it match the amount in the "Cash in drawer" box, but still allowing you to entero "0.00" into the box.  Everything about this version is a significant improvement over any previous version.  If you use this program to not only count out your cash drawer, but also do the math to reconcile the cash drawer in your accounting software I highly recommend switching to this version.  It is not an installed program, so all you have to do is copy it over the old version, replacing the old version.  If you are just using it to count out the cash drawer than this version probably does not add significant improvement except that some of the fields have been widened to display larger numbers and, perhaps, one or two other minor changes.

Version 2.0.1 is a very minor change.  I added code to skip the rest of the "Custom amount" entry if zero is entered for the amount.  Now if you enter zero for the amount in either of the custom currency sections it will skip directly to the next section.

Version 2.0.2 is another minor change.  I fixed a small issue where clicking on a textbox would cause focus to go to another textbox in some cases, added code to select all text in a textbox for type over even if the textbox was clicked on instead of just hitting Tab or Enter, added code to output even integer numbers properly formatted (no leading zeros), added code to automatically make all numbers positive except the "Cash in records" entry, which could be negative, made clicking on the second "custom amount" textbox set focus on the first one if it was zero and added code to show the version number in the Title Bar at the top.

Version is minor visual enhancements.  I deleted the custom made separators in most places and used group boxes instead.  I also changed the font for the box labels which show which boxes contain the same information to make them more readable.  There is no functional change in this version, it just looks a little nicer.