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Deposit by Kirby's Computers is a simple file to fill out and print a deposit slip.  Some banks may choose not to accept this as a deposit slip as it is not printed with magnetic ink and will not run through the machines they sometimes use to read deposit slips, but some banks will take this.  It is easier and more accurate than filling it out by hand as it does all the math for you, including, if you choose to enter a "Current bank total" amount, figuring out the new total for your bank account after the deposit.

The current version is released January 23, 2019.

The update offers a couple of new features and some minor bug fixes.  The background color of the textbox which currently has focus is now set to a light blue to make it easier and quicker to see where you are in the program without having to look for a tiny flashing cursor.  I have also embedded a Help file into the program and placed a small button in the top section to open it.  The help file explains how the program works and describes some of the features you wouldn't otherwise be likely to find on your own.  The Deposit Total box now changes green if the deposit is positive and a light red if it is negative.  Though a negative deposit isn't likely unless you are withdrawing more cash than your deposit total, I did this to make the Deposit Total box easier to find when you are all done entering items so you can quickly compare the total to the deposit total in your accounting software.  I also fixed several minor issues, mostly things which the average user would never have seen anyway because getting them to show up required doing something in the program which doesn't make sense, such as pressing the Print button when the Print window is already open, causing to Print windows to be open at the same time.

The update addresses a couple of minor issues and adds a little new functionality.  The issue fixed for Amount textboxes in update has been applied to the Bank Balance textbox in this update.  There was an issue with the Quick Change button behaving strangely if focus was not on one of the controls in the main section when it was pressed and that has been fixed.  I also added the ability to Quick Change multiple lines to the other type of deposit by holding the Shift key when pressing the Quick Change button.  There were also a couple of minor spacing issues between the controls, making them not quite uniform.

The update addresses one minor issue where all text is selected in an Amount textbox even if that textbox already has focus, preventing the user from setting the cursor position within the textbox.  I also added a checkbox to allow the program to start with focus in the Bank Balance textbox first instead of the first Check Number or Amount textbox.  If you use this program to also calculate your new bank balance when you make a deposit it is easier to enter the old balance first so you don't have to click on it later after entering all the check and cash items for deposit.

Version is a pretty major upgrade from the last released version.  In this version I cleaned up the interface a lot and added a lot of new features as well as cleaning up the code quite a bit so that even with a ton of new features the program size grew by only a tiny amount.

The first and most obvious new feature I added was an Auto Decimal feature.  With this feature enabled you do not manually enter the decimal point.  Instead you just type numbers and they "move in" from the right while the decimal point stays fixed.  So instead of typing "100.00" or "100" you type "10000" to enter an amount of "100".  This is in line with some calculators and software often used by accountants.

Another new feature I added was to replace the simple "Phone" contact info with 3 configurable lines for contact information.  You can choose between Work Phone, Home Phone, Cell Phone, Fax and Email for each of the 3 lines and then enter the data.  You can also set any of the 3 lines to "None" to not use that line.

One major new feature was to make the printout look more like it does on the screen.  Now when you print a deposit slip every other line is bold to make it easier to follow a check number to the corresponding amount.  The new information is also included on the deposit slip.

Another set of features I added/improved was to allow you to purposely enter checks with no Check Number and with zero amounts, mark the fields in a light red when the data isn't valid and allow you to print them anyway.  You can also no enter negative amounts as well as typing the "-" regardless where the cursor is in the data entry box and if the number is positive, the "-" will be added in front of it.  If the number is already negative the "-" will be removed from the front of it.  You no longer have to move the cursor to the right spot to backspace the leading dash.  Just type a dash, no matter where the cursor is, and the sign will be reversed.

I also added City, State and Zip Code fields to the user information at the top, moved all of those controls into a groupbox to group them together, cleaned up a ton of bugs and quirks, added validation and correct of the data fields even when you click out of them instead of using Tab or Enter, added various "$", "+" and "=" labels, especially along the bottom, and rearranged the textboxes on the bottom to better show the relationship between the figures in those textboxes.  I also moved things around slightly to makeeverything look nicer and added a "Reset form" button to make the entire program reload fresh to simply get rid of any changes you made.  There was also code added to make focus return to the point where it was before when you click a button or change an option so you don't have to manually click back into it.  There were a ton of other little tweaks like that I did to make it more user friendly.  And after all that the size of the program window barely increased at all, staying the same width and growing just a tiny fraction of an inch taller.

This is easily the most significant improvement I have made to this program since its first release.  Much of the old clunky code was completely rewritten and streamlined over the last nearly 2 months as I was working on it in my spare time.  Unlike earlier versions, this version has been pretty rigorously tested as well, beyond just making sure the calculations are correct and the right numbers show up on the deposit slip.  If you use this program (and I'm pretty sure I"m the only one who does), you want this version!