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Zipcode Search is a program I have been thinking about doing for a while and on 06/06/18 I finally published it.  The program allows you to search through US cities and associated zip codes with any partial information you might have.  For example, if you wanted to send something to Prairie Du Chien, but you didn't know how to spell it.  You could search simply for "Prairie" in the City box and it would come up with all the cities whose names contain that word.  If you wanted the list smaller you could add "WI" to the "State" box to search only for records in Wisconsin.

This is actually an installer which installs files to the Program Files folder (x86) and creates shortcuts on the Desktop and in the Programs menu.  It consists of only 2 files, the program itself and a CSV file containing all the zip code information.  It does require permissions to install and create the shortcuts (as all programs do), but after that all it ever does is read information from the CSV file and compare it to the information you typed in.

You can search by city, state, county, zip code or any combination of those things.  You do not have to enter the entire name for a search.  Partial names will return any results which contain the text entered.  The program gives a list of all matches which can be sorted by zip code, city, state, county or "type".  The zip code type will tell you if it's a standard zip code, PO box only or "unique", which is used for large organizations such as universities, corporations and military bases.

On 08/30/2018 I re-released this installer.  I wanted to make a simple change and add an icon to the Task Bar, but had recently updated to the latest version of Visual Studio, the program I use to write other programs.  In the update the way installations are created has changed dramatically and the program would not compile.  Rather than fix it the easy way, to add the outdated component which had been removed, I instead chose to re-create the entire project.  I was able to copy and paste most of it, so it's essentially the same program, it just uses the update installation method.  But since it is a completely redone version I made this version instead of

On 08/31/2018 I released a minor update, version, in which I added a text box to display a simple count for the number of results you get from a search.  I also changed it so that if you have a previous version, this version will simply overwrite it rather than require you uninstall the old version first.