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CCleaner   ADWCleaner

CCleaner is a great free application for cleaning up temporary files and cookies.

Kirby's Computers DOES NOT recommend using the registry cleaner portion of this program!  Registry cleaners are pointless programs which can inadvertantly do damage to your computer.  Think of your computer's registry as a well maintained filing cabinet which has a few extra files in it here and there.  You can quickly get to anything you need and you never come across anything you don't need.  It's "just there".  It's not doing any harm and there aren't enough "junk files" in the cabinet to seriously impact how much is stored there.  Yes, you could hire someone who knows your filing system very well, but could not possible know the importance of every single file to go through and PERMANENTLY throw out anything that they THINK you don't need.  If all goes well then when that cleaning is done you have a very small amount of extra space in your cabinet, so small you wouldn't even notice a difference.  There is no change whatsoever in how quickly you can get to the files you want.

However, this process is not perfect.  It would be impossible for them to throw out every file you don't need because they only have a rough idea what you may not need.  Every time you have this done there is the chance, however small, that they will throw out something important.  If that happens it could be the equivelant of throwing out the entire filing cabinet and everything it contains and rebuilding it from scratch (reinstalling Windows, in this case).

Registrey cleaners carry at least a small chance of doing damage to the computer's registry every time they are run.  And they have ZERO impact on performance.  The ONLY thing they do is free up a miniscule amount of space on the computer, an amount so small as to be ultimately meaningless.  You should NEVER run a registry cleaner on your computer.  There is a risk, however small, of it causing major damage and there is literally no benefit whatsoever.

You should also be careful when cleaning cookies from your computer.  If you remove all the cookies from your computer it will likely affect your Internet browsing in several ways.  For example, if you regularly go to web sites which remember you so that you don't have to log in each time, they won't after you've deleted your cookies.  More importantly, if your bank requires you to register your device on their web site before you can log on with that computer you will have to do that again EVERY TIME you clear the bank's cookies from your computer.

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