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PDF24 Creator adds a printer to Windows which prints to a PDF file instead of a physical printer.  This is an easy and free way to turn your documents into PDF files.

Note: This is a change from the original software which I did have listed on this page.  That software, PDF Creator, now comes bundled with an application which scans your computer for installed software, reports that software to a third party company and offers you other software to download based on what was found.  While this practice isn't horrible, it is an adware, it does scan your computer and report what it finds without your permission and it does offer you "free" software with the sole purpose of selling you professional versions.  Often this software is all but useless, especially the free version.  We are dedicated to listing only truly "free" software on this site, or at least as close as we can get.  Also, the software now listed has a much nicer interface when you print to it, allowing you to email the PDF directly from the print screen.

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