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These days it is important to have good, up to date security software on your computer.  This is a list of the software we recommend that all of our customers have on their computers to ensure that they remain virus and malware free.  Everything found in this section has a free version for home use.  Please note that the free versions cannot be used on work computers.

It is important to note that keeping up to date security software on your computer alone is not enough to keep you safe from all infections.  It does not matter what antivirus you use, you can still get a virus.  The reason for this is that there are over a thousand new viruses discovered each month.  Just like with viruses in humans, a cure cannot be made until a sample of the virus is obtained.  The virus always comes before the cure.  Some of them spread very quickly and are updated very often, making it impossible to protect you against every possible infection.  More information can be found in the Instructional section.