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Kirby's Computers is currently recommending either Microsoft Security Essential for Windows 7 system or Windows Defender, which is built in to Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 computers, for customers looking for a free antivirus solution.  These are not the greatest antivirus solutions out there, but they are the only good free solutions.

NEVER simply buy the paid version of whatever free software you were using.  There are ALWAYS better solutions out there.  Some of them will still constantly try to "upsell" you more and more products even after you've paid for them.  Many of them set you up for auto-renewal unless you specifically opt out.  It is very common for the auto-renewal price to be considerably higher than the price you paid for the product the first time.  Some antivirus companies change their product lineup all the time and, when you are set up on auto-renewal, they match you with the "closest" new product to what you previously had.  This "closest" new product always seems to be more expensive than the product you had before.  I had one customer who had originally paid $50 for antivirus and, after a few years of auto-renewal being enabled, was up to $120 per year for antivirus without making any changes themselves.  Auto-renewal is almost never a good deal for the customer.

If you are willing to pay for an antivirus solution Kirby's Computers recommonds NOD32, the antivirus-only product from ESET.  They sell more expensive products, but the antivirus is really all you need.  For most people everything else is fluff.

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